HCWA Pistol shoot 

Every 4th Sat of the month

       Shoot starts 10 am 
Must attend safety and rule meeting 9:40 am

Competition Match

30 rounds total

25 yards slow fire 2 minutes 

5 rounds per magazine

2 magazine total 10 rounds
25 yards timed fire 15 seconds per magazine

2 magazine 5 rounds each  total 10 rounds
15 yards rapid fire

2 magazine 5 round each 11 seconds
Targets B8 B9 NRA targets tie breaker red center
$5.00 per match entry fee

  Fun Match

30 rounds total

Steel knock down targets
Bowling pins
Clay birds
6" round steel
Texas star

$5.00 per match entry fee

We will be running a 50/50.  $5.00 Entry.  We will set up a target 25 yards with a 
poker chip closest to chip wins.

 Hope to see you  Mike Ferrio    phone 843- 429 -1701 e mail 

Match Results

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