Horry Chapter
Wildlife Action, Inc. 

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Who Are We & what do we Stand For

Wildlife Action is a conservation group.  We're not for one specific species of wildlife nor does our interest lie in one special interest of our habitat.  We're for the whole earth.  Our five point law probably explains it best. 

1- PRESERVATION:   Treat the earth gently, for she has a dented spirit which
needs healing.  Be attuned to her heartbeat, for it is the same rhythm that
beats within your heart.
2- CONSERVATION:  We believe if you cut one tree down, plant two back.
It is wise use of our natural resources.  Use, not abuse.
3- EDUCATION:  To teach the future generations (we call them our
pioneers) how to recycle, to  live among all of god's creatures and
everything that we know through Pioneer Days, camps, ICT's (Instructional
Camping Trips), etc. 
4- SPORTSMANSHIP:  Here we teach proper etiquette, good manners, respect in
outdoor activities.
5- FELLOWSHIP:  And we have fun doing all the above.  Sharing is a part of our being.  Share your boat, share your hunting spot, share your knowledge with the next generation.