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Wildlife Action, Inc. 
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The Horry Pride

Horry Chapter, Wildlife Action, P.O. Box 682: Aynor, SC 29511

WLA Motto “Local Folks Solving Local Problems”

WLA SLOGAN “To Put Back More Than We Take”

March 2018
WEBSITE: www.horrychapterwildlifeaction.org Coordinators: Larry Leemon:  larry.leemon@yahoo.com and Jeff A. Fink Sr.:  jfinksr@gmail.com
Newsletter Editor: Brian Koller Send Input & Comments to: bjkolle@sccoast.net
Horry Chapter Contacts
Frank Passantino: (718-490-6562) Ed Whitner: (843-283-8074) Larry Leemon: (843-618-2346)
Johnny Goebel: (843-997-5613)
WLA National Headquarters: (843-464-8473) www.wildlifeaction.com (Join Now With PayPal)
Calendar of Events
Monthly:  1st Saturday: Trap Shoot 9AM, 
3rd Saturday:  SASS Cowboy Action 9:30 AM
1st Sunday: WLA Bowling Pin Fun Match 9:30 AM, 4th Thursday: Monthly Meeting 7:00PM
Skeet and Trap Ranges are opened Tuesday and Thursdays 10am-2pm. Also check with Ed Whitner about the night time trap/skeet shoot on Tuesday
Mandatory range orientation will be given at 5:00 PM sharp on the 4th Thursday, monthly.
Horry Chapter is accepting donations of ammunition to be used for Pioneer Days, Ladies and Veterans shoots.
Please; don’t forget. Our next meeting will be held on March 22nd at 7PM.  This will be our annual Hotdog Night. This meeting will be held in the Pioneer Village, located to the left just inside the entrance gate.  Bring your favorite potato or pasta salad or a dessert if you would like. The Chapter will be providing the baked beans, hot dogs, buns, potato chips, drinks, and condiments along with the hot dog forks. So, come on out and roast a few dogs over the fire pit. Meeting would be held in the Education Center if there is inclement weather.
Just a reminder that we will return to Daylight Savings Time on March 11th.  Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead before going to bed that Saturday.
Horry Chapter would like to welcome our newest sponsor, First Choice Heating & Air from Aynor. First Choice will be sponsoring the Rifle Range. Please keep them in mind when you get your seasonal check up on your A/C. They can be contacted at 843-756-3438.
Frank Lagasse will be starting an annual $1000 scholarship in his son Daniel’s name. This scholarship will send 3 kids to camp with expenses. Frank would like to see kids from our chapter get the scholarships, so spread the word. More detail relating to this scholarship will be forthcoming.
Just a reminder. People are still not removing the trash or shell casings after shooting at the ranges. Please remove and take along with you when you leave. Also, some people are still shooting unauthorized weapons at the pistol ranges. If you are guilty, please, use the proper range. Anyone caught breaking the rules is subject to having their membership terminated. If you do see illegal activity, report the issue to one of the board members. If you don’t know the offender by name, please try to get the license plate. Keep in mind these violations are costing us valuable $$$ and time to keep replacing backstops due to a few offenders.
Horry County Councilman Al Allen was a guest speaker. He announced that County Council has passed the Reckless Gun Ordinance. First offence can be a fine of up to $500 and 30 days in jail. A second offense within 1 year would be a mandatory $1000 fine and 30 days in jail. Part of the ordinance is that there is to be no shooting during the hours of 10PM and 6AM except for legal licensed hunting, self-defense and organized events.  
Chapter Board members and the majority of members present at the meeting voted on Casualty Insurance. First Charter was selected as the insurer at an annual premium of $1450. This will be for coverage of the Education Center and contents. Three bids were considered.
There will be a general cleanup/work day at the Chapter on April 22 from 8 AM until?
Please note this is a time change from that previously announced. Lots of work needs to be done on site. Remember, this is YOUR Chapter and would appreciate all the help we can get.
We have received more donations thanks to our gracious members. Latest donations were 2 boxes of long rifle ammunition from Neil Coulomb, a big box of mixed ammunition from Stew Chen and a 30.06 rifle from Bill Kleinbach. Thank you all so much. Donations are always appreciated.
We will be building a berm wall between the Cowboy Action area in Berm 3 shortly. It will be  a double wall built using 2 by 6’s with sand poured in between the walls. Will look and work great.
The 50/50 was won by Barbara Bara.

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