The Horry Pride – October 2019
Horry Chapter, Wildlife Action, P.O. Box 682: Aynor, SC 29511
Chapter 4, Chartered November 4, 1984
WLA Motto “Local Folks Solving Local Problems”
WLA SLOGAN “To Put Back More Than We Take”
October 2019
WEBSITE: Coordinator: Jeff A. Fink Sr.
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Horry Chapter Officers
President - Frank Lagasse: (315) 709-2712: Vice President – Brian Koller (843) 347-2705
Secretary – Lesley Granito (843) 756-9150: Treasurer – Johnny Goebel (843) 997-5613
Horry Chapter Board Members
Ed Whitner - (843) 283-8074:  Bobby Stubbs – (843) 449-8206
Mac Altman – (843) 358-5400:  Al Cocola – (860) 886-3616
Jeff Fink, Sr. (843) 855-7819:  Barbara Tyndall – (843) 331-0450  
WLA National Headquarters: (843) 464-8473 (Join Now with PayPal)
Please Check our Monthly Calendar of Events@
Skeet and Trap Ranges are opened Tuesday and Thursdays 10am-2pm and Sundays from 11AM until 4PM. Check with Ed Whitner regarding nighttime trap/skeet shoot on Tuesdays

Our next meeting will be Thursday, October 24th at 7 PM. Don’t forget, this will be ELECTION NIGHT. You will be electing 2 Chapter Board Members for
3-year terms. In addition, you will also be voting for our entry to the Wildlife Action Photo Contest.
IMPORTANT NEWS: In the center of this issue of the Horry Pride is your copy of the voting ballot. You can pull this ballot out and either mail to the chapter, to be received no later than October 24th, or bring along to the scheduled meeting. Note that in addition election of Chapter Board Members, there is also a straw poll that you are also asked to vote upon.
Mark your Calendars: Our Christmas party will be held on 14 December at Radd Dew’s Bar-B-Que, 851 Horry Rd in Aynor (the intersection of Horry and Enoch Roads, at traffic light), at 5 PM. Cost will be $17PP and includes salad bar, meal and drinks.
The next monthly pistol/revolver match is Saturday, October 26th @ 930AM. Matches consist of slow and timed fire at 25 yards and rapid fire at 15 yards. Don’t forget about the “Fun Match” using Steel Knockdown/bowling pin/clay bird/6” round steel and Texas Star targets. Fee for each match is $5 (shells not included). There’s also a 50-50 drawing.  Contact Mike Ferrio @, or see our web page events for further info.
The Horry Chapter will also be holding a Trap and Skeet Championship match on October 26th between 11AM and 5PM.
Attention Ladies!!! It may be football season, so leave the other half at home and come on out for our final LADIES DAY of 2019. On 20 October between the hours of 2 and 6PM.  Let your friends know so they can attend as well. Remember, this is for the LADIES ONLY!!  Bring your guns or use ours. Hotdogs, burgers and fixin’s will be provided.  Always a fun day for all.


 Local Ballot:  Individual Membership Two (2) Votes, Family Membership Four (4) Votes.  Votes can be used in any configuration you want; i.e., all for one or split.

     Mac Altman                                   _______       _______

       Al Cocola                                      _______      _______

Mike (Black Mike) Petruzzello     _______       _______

                                                            _______       _______

Write in: _________________                 _______       _______

 For votes to be valid, ballots must have members printed name.  Individual memberships get 2 votes; family memberships receive 4 votes. Please checkmark membership status next to your printed name. Ballots without name will not be counted.
If mailed, ballots must be received by Horry WLA prior to our October meeting Thursday October 24th, 2019.  Mail To: Horry Chapter, Wildlife Action, P.O. Box 682, Aynor, SC 29511.  Ballots can also be brought to October’s meeting and given to a member of the Nominating Committee prior to the start of the Regular Meeting at 7 PM.

___________________________              __________         __________

          Members Printed Name                      Individual                  Family      



As you all may be aware, the Chapter has spent approximately $50,000 in upgrades and repairs in the past year and a half. We are also in the process of acquiring approximately 7 acres of additional property. Membership has doubled in the past 5 years so we are also looking at expanding/upgrading our Resource Education Center for better accommodation. With all this in mind, we are asking you to vote on whether you would be willing to accept an increase in key price from the current annual charge of $50 to $60 so that we can continue to improve.

On this Straw Poll, an Individual Membership will get One (1) Vote; A

Family Membership gets Two (2) Votes. A simple YES/NO vote is all that is required.

                                   YES         _________
                                     NO        _________









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