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The Horry Pride – October 2019
Horry Chapter, Wildlife Action, P.O. Box 682: Aynor, SC 29511
Chapter 4, Chartered November 4, 1984
WLA Motto “Local Folks Solving Local Problems”
WLA SLOGAN “To Put Back More Than We Take”
January 2020
WEBSITE: Coordinator: Jeff A. Fink Sr.
Pride Editor: Brian Koller: Send Input & Comments to:
Horry Chapter Officers
President - Frank Lagasse: (315) 709-2712: Vice President – Brian Koller (843) 347-2705
Secretary – Lesley Granito (843) 756-9150: Treasurer – Johnny Goebel (843) 997-5613
Horry Chapter Board Members
Ed Whitner - (843) 283-8074:  Bobby Stubbs – (843) 449-8206
Mac Altman – (843) 358-5400:  Al Cocola – (860) 886-3616
Jeff Fink, Sr. (843) 855-7819:  Barbara Tyndall – (843) 331-0450 
WLA National Headquarters: (843) 464-8473 (Join Now with PayPal)
Please Check our Monthly Calendar of Events@
Skeet and Trap Ranges are opened Tuesday and Thursdays 10am-2pm and Sundays from 11AM until 4PM. Check with Ed Whitner regarding nighttime trap/skeet shoot on Tuesdays

As January begins a new year it also brings newly elected/appointed officers to the Chapter. Congratulations on the re-appointment of President: Frank LaGasse.  Below are the Horry Chapter WLA Officers for 2020:
President: Frank Lagasse; Vice President: Brian Koller; Secretary: Lesley Granito
Treasurer: Johnny Goebel. Board of Directors: Mac Altman, Al Cocola, Bobby Stubbs, Jeff Fink, Ed Whitner, and Barbara Tyndall
V/P Hunting: Chris Herrington; V/P Fishing Mike Granito, V/P Education: Sandra Lagasse, V/P Environment: John Wren, Chaplain: Clyde Capps; Director of Pioneer/Veterans Activities: Johnny Goebel
Range Masters:  Ed Whitner, Barry Schindler, Jeff Fink and Mike Ferrio
Ethics/Grievance/Election:  John Wren, Clyde Capps, Mike Granito
Nominating Committee:  Al Cocola, Barbara Tyndall, and Ed Whitner
Newsletter: Brian Koller    Website:  Jeff Fink   Facebook Page: John Wren
“KEY NIGHT” On 23 January 2020, Is Our First Scheduled meeting of the new year. Key sales will begin at 5PM, meeting at 7PM. As mentioned in our last newsletter, the key price will remain at $50.00. Please remember to bring your old key for turn-in when you purchase your new key. We will have hotdogs with fixins’ available. Donations to the Chapter will gladly be accepted. Additionally, raffle tickets will be sold at the meeting for a .22 caliber American Heritage Revolver. IT WILL BE WON that night. Starting after “Key Night, all members will need a key to enter our facility. Beginning the following day, 24 January, gates must be locked upon entry and NO ONE will be permitted to enter without their key. The only exceptions will be during our special event days; i.e., Veterans/Ladies shoots, Pioneer Days or for leased events. The Board of Directors has updated our rules and regulations. Copies will be given out at the meeting. Please make sure you pick up your copy.
Members attending the holiday dinner/awards banquet at Radd Dews had a great time and excellent food. Bunny and Nan Beeson, along with National Secretary Lisa Belk and her husband were our special guests. Bunny spoke of the founding of Wildlife Action and of our slogan, “To put back more than we take”.  Bunny also made the big announcement that our President, Frank LaGasse will be a member on the National Board of Directors in 2020. A check was presented to Bunny by Frank Lagasse and Johnny Goebel for our share of the purchase of the additional 7 Acres. Frank then presented awards: Photography Award: Barbara Powell; Member of the Year: Dan Tamasi and Bobby Stubbs; Fundraiser Award: Ed Whitner; Education Award: Johnny Goebel; and our highest award, The Presidential Award, for dedicated service to HCWLA went to Mike Ferrio.
Ever wonder where your fees go? Here is a listing of some of the Chapters upgrades completed in 2019: New vinyl fencing around the facility, Upgraded interior drainage, purchased WLA signs for National in Mullins, signs with rules and regs mounted on the skeet high house, on site storage containers, painting all exterior buildings, new directional signs for Pee Dee Road, a new heat pump and ducting, a trauma kit and AED unit purchased, new cordless phone, military memorial stones placed around the flagpole, and the purchase of 7 additional acres of land surrounding Horry Chapter.  We also fund 2 Pioneer Days, a Veteran’s event and 2 Ladies shoots. Also, one of our larger expenses – OSB for the Back Stops.
Looking to the Future: Rules and Regulations will be enforced without exception as our individual and family memberships have expanded to approximately 775. Mike Ferrio and Jeff Fink are our new Chief Range Safety Officers. We have a goal to have a Safety Officer on site 7 days per week. Storage shed(s) for plywood will help to expedite replacement on berm backstops. Rather than increase the Key Fee, having ALL members purchase an annual key will help maintain our financial security. Lastly, an expansion of the Resource Education Center will accommodate more members and activities. 
Upcoming:  Have a great time on January 18th when SASS has a major event beginning at 10AM. It will be “Cowboy Action” at its best.  Also, during February and March we will be selling raffle tickets for a chance to win a .22 Caliber Savage Target rifle. The lucky winner will be drawn at our annual Hot Dog Night at the March 2020 meeting
Keep in mind that none of our special events would be possible without the support of our sponsors as well as that of our generous donors. Please keep our sponsors in mind next time you need their services or products. Terry’s Hardware,, located at 5075 W. Highway 501 in Conway; Rivertown Gun Depot, has guns, ammo, and other sporting needs, located at 1301 E. Highway 501, Conway; Anderson Brothers Bank has multiple locations in Horry and Marion Counties, go to, regarding services for all your banking needs; Papa Foxtrot Tactical has guns and ammo, at 618 8th Ave Unit C, Aynor for hunting/shooting supplies and more, tac;  Trap Range Sponsor Michael Herrington from CMH Heating and Cooling in Nichols, at 843-455-9379 or email at; and Frank and Betty Pate for their continued

sponsorship of Berm #1.50-50 was won by Johnny Goebel.  










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