Horry Chapter
Wildlife Action, Inc. 

Horry Chapter, Wildlife Action, P.O. Box 682: Aynor, SC 29511
Chapter 4, Chartered November 4, 1984
WLA Motto “Local Folks Solving Local Problems”
WLA SLOGAN “To Put Back More Than We Take”
May/June 2020
WEBSITE: www.horrychapterwildlifeaction.org Coordinator: Jeff A. Fink Sr.  jfinksr@gmail.com
FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/horrywa/
Pride Editor: Brian Koller: Send Input & Comments to: bjkolle@sccoast.net
Horry Chapter Officers
President - Frank Lagasse: (315) 709-2712: Vice President – Brian Koller (843) 347-2705
Secretary – Lesley Granito (843) 756-9150: Treasurer – Johnny Goebel (843) 997-5613
Horry Chapter Board Members
 Ed Whitner - (843) 283-8074:  Bobby Stubbs – (843) 449-8266
Mac Altman – (843) 358-5400:  Al Cocola – (860) 886-3616
Jeff Fink, Sr. (843) 855-7819:  Barbara Tyndall – (843) 331-0450 
WLA National Headquarters: (843) 464-8473 www.wildlifeaction.com (Join Now with PayPal)
Please Check our Monthly Calendar of Events@
Skeet and Trap Ranges are opened Tuesday and Thursdays 10am-2pm and Sundays from 11AM until 4PM. Check with Ed Whitner regarding nighttime trap/skeet shoot on Tuesdays
Our next scheduled meeting will be held on 25 Jun as originally scheduled, but in keeping with Federal CDC and SC guidelines regarding the COVID-19 Virus, social distancing will be observed.  Our priority is the health and safety of our members. HOWEVER, all ranges are open for your shooting pleasure during regular posted operating hours. If you participate in the Tuesday/Thursday or Sunday Trap Shoots, masks are required; additionally, correct change is needed to pay for your trap & skeet rounds as we are not giving change from the cash box due to COVID-19. The raffle for the .22 Caliber Savage Target rifle that was to be awarded at our March meeting will have the winner drawn at our June meeting. Please check your E-mail, the HCWLA web site and our Facebook page for updates.  If you have questions or concerns, contact the HCWLA Executive Committee or Board member. Jfinksr@gmail.com 843-855-7819.
The ATA will have their monthly shoot at HCWLA on June 6, 2020, starting at 9am.
Horry Chapter will hold a CWP class June 13th starting at 8 AM as scheduled. Cost is $65.00. Participants will need to bring their pistol plus a minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition, safety glasses, ear protection, and a strong, side holster. You will need to reserve your seat as there is a 20-person limit.  $35 will hold your spot. Contact Johnny Goebel@ (843)997-5613 for reservations and deposit. For further details go to http://www.horrychapterwildlifeaction.org/ and click on the Education Tap.
On a sad note, Vicky Stroups, who presented us with our Osprey Fish Photo for auction, passed away. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.
Applications are still available for the Dan LaGasse Scholarship. Three children from within the HCWLA family will receive a scholarship to camp in Mullins. The award includes camp fees and a small stipend for the kids to spend at camp. Sessions start in early June, so if you have children or grandchildren that would like to attend, get your applications submitted.
As a reminder: Rules and Regulations will still be enforced without exception. Please remember to lock the gate upon entry, and if you are last to leave the Resource Education Center, ensure that all doors are locked and firmly secured.  Remember, “if you do not have your key, you will not be let in.”  Your first stop upon entry is to sign in and pay your daily fee. If not shooting, just sign in and indicate “work party” or “visiting”. Range Safety Officers are here to help you if needed and ensure that range safety rules are being followed.
Even though we had been closed, work never stopped at HCWLA. Frank, Brian Jeff, Dan and Mike Ferrio removed the old skeet cover roof, raked and cleared the new area, grass was cut, weeds whacked, debris cleaned up and the backstops realigned, berms releveled and rebuilt. Also, note that all the berms were repaired and berm #8 and the driveway near the rifle range were raised.
During these trying times please continue to support of our sponsors or generous donors the next time you need their services or products. Our newest sponsor is, Window World, sponsoring SASS, (Cowboy Action) on Berm #4, located at 4655-A Highway 17 South, Myrtle Beach; Terry’s Hardware, www.terrys-hardware.com, at 5075 W. Highway 501 in Conway; Rivertown Gun Depot, for guns, ammo, and other sporting needs, at 1301 E. Highway 501, Conway; Anderson Brothers Bank, with multiple locations in Horry and Marion Counties, go to www.abbank.com, regarding services for all your banking needs, Frank and Betty Pate continue their sponsorship of Berm #1,  and Papa Foxtrot Tactical has guns and ammo, at 618 8th Ave Unit C, Aynor for hunting/shooting supplies and more, www.facebook.com/papafox tac.
Although we may have been closed, we still have had many donors:
John and Fara Fink for new archery targets; Dave McCarthy for a truckload of OSB board used on our backstops; Ronald Westover for his monetary contributions; John Wren for his OSB board contribution; Al Tavares for 500 rounds of .22 caliber ammo for the Pioneer events; John Cripe for his donation of .223 ammo; and thanks to our nameless, new member that reworked our flower box by the flagpole. (Please call Johnny Goebel @ (843)997-5613 so you can be recognized). Thanks to all our donors.
HCWLA Executive staff and Board wishes all our members and families
good health and safety during this trying time




















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