Horry Chapter
Wildlife Action, Inc. 

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1.) New members who join WLA, Must take the orientation course and come to a meeting and may obtain a Gate Key for $50.00 if they       wish. For access to Property a Key is needed for entry if no one else is at the Range. If you loan your key to anyone else, you lose             your key.    
2.) Upon Entering WLA property, unlock and relock gate.  Go to the Resource Education Center, sign in (in the duck box next to REC               door) and pay Range fee as shown below:


   Rifle/ Pistol Bays Range fees per day: Member  $2.00 Non-member $5.00 

   Trap/ Skeet Range Fees per round: Trap/Skeet- Member  $3.50 Trap/ Skeet- Non-member $5.00 

   Pre-Scheduled Group Activities: Facilities fee:     $100 minimum fee for up to 20 people.  $5 per head for more than 20 people.   

   Plus: Trap/Skeet fee: $4.00 per person per round.   

3.) Range fee payment should be placed in envelope with (name and date on it)  and the envelope should be placed in the black, steel         box on the concrete next to REC door (under the duck box)   

4.) Range times are as follows:  Jan. 1 through August 31 - 9 AM until dark Sept. 1 through Dec. 31 -  9 AM until 4 PM   (except Tues. and       Thurs. which remains 9 AM until dark )   

5.) Locks are changed on meeting day in January of every calendar year.  Keys are available beginning in January after the locks are               changed.  Members in good standing must appear in person to sign for their key, return their old key, and remit a $50, non-                     refundable fee.  Keys are individually assigned and may not be loaned. 

 6.) Only those members designated by the board (such as board members, range officers, and members with assigned maintenance            responsibilities) will be issued keys to the skeet and trap houses.   


1.)  Respect all WLA property.  No climbing on berms, fences, etc.   
 2.) Possession and/or use of alcohol or drugs on Chapter property are prohibited.  Any member found in violation will be subject to              review by the ethics board and if found in violation subject to a fine or loss of membership. 

3.)  Any violation of these rules, disregard of range safety or abuse of facilities may result in revocation of key and membership. 

4.)  If a situation arises that is not covered in the above Rules and Regulations it will be brought before the Board of Directors for a                Decision.  Disagreements may be brought before the Grievance Committee for review and recommendations.   The decision of the          Board of Directors is final and the recommendations of the Board will enacted.