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No fully automatic or class 3 firearms allowed on any Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun Range at Horry WLA. This also includes any action that simulates a Full Automatic during firing, i.e. slam fire or hellfire actions.

No shotguns allowed on Pistol or Rifle ranges, with only the following exceptions:

Shotguns may be used on Pistol Berm 8.
Shotguns, shooting slug ammunition only, can be used on the rifle range.
Any member caught firing a shotgun at a Pistol or Rifle backstop (the wooden target frame) or berm (other than those specified in a & b above) will be subject to automatic loss of Horry WLA Membership.
Anyone using a shotgun subject to exception a & b, must not shoot over the berm.

 Shotguns can only be fired on the Trap / Skeet Ranges, Rifle Range,  Pistol Berm 8, or at the Shotgun Patterning Area.  Pistols and Rifles may not be used in designated Shotgun Only Areas (which are the Trap/ Skeet ranges and the shotgun patterning area)

No explosive, armor piercing, or incendiary ammunition (i.e. tracer ammo) is to be used on Chapter property.

If your Firearm is not holstered the firearm action must be in the opened position and barrel pointed in a safe direction. Example: When a handgun, rifle or shotgun are not in use and placed on the bench in a staging area.

Eye and ear protection required for anyone inside fence area at pistol or rifle bays and Trap / Skeet Ranges and Shotgun Patterning area.  At the 100-yard Rifle bay and the 4 pistol bays,  shoot only from inside berm.  No berm, no shoot.  At the Trap and Skeet Range, no pistol or rifle shooting is allowed (no berms).

As you enter the grounds, the Pioneer Village is on the left.  Absolutely no discharges of firearms are permitted in this area.  Also during Pioneer Events there will be no OPEN CARRY on Horry WLA Property.  Concealed carry is acceptable.

Persons under age 18 must have adult (Parent or Guardian) supervision.

All range users are personally responsible for their actions and that of their guests.


Shoot into back stops only. All targets must be placed at least one (1) foot from edges on all wood backboards.

No unauthorized targets ( example: cans, bottles, or exploding targets, etc.)  No shooting at target frames. 

After shooting please remove used targets, empty bottles and any other trash in the Pistol or Rifle Range area.  Even if you did not leave a mess,  please check the area and correct any deficiency.

Authorized targets are any paper targets which are generally used for target practice.  For example: a target downloaded from the internet from an NRA site, silhouette targets, paper plates, or your own metal targets which you remove after shooting.    The examples given above are only a partial listing, If you are unsure of a target you wish to use, contact the current President or a Board Member for clarification.  Remember remove your used targets from the range upon completion of your target practice and police your used brass.

The Steel Targets (when set up) in Bays 1-2-3 are the property of SASS (Cowboy Action) and are not to be used by anyone else.  SASS reserves the listed Bays and pays a fee for their use.  If you are shooting in one of those Bays on the day designated for SASS activity SASS has the right to ask you to stop shooting and move to another open Bay not used by SASS. You may bring your own steel targets for practice and take them with you when you are finished shooting.

Horry Chapter of Wildlife Action, Inc.

 Aynor, SC Rules and Regulations