Horry Chapter Wildlife Action, Inc.


Shotgun Useage in Pistol & Rifle Bays is Prohibited!

Effective immediately (7/28/16), no shotguns either loaded, unloaded, or cased may be physically carried into any pistol range or rifle range.  Anyone in violation of this rule will be subject to loss of membership in the Horry County.  For clarification, SASS Cowboy Action is a sanctioned event and they do use shotguns in the pistol range.  They do not however shoot at the wood backstops; their members are only except during their sanctioned events.

Club Emails:
It has been recently brought to our attention that some members have not been receiving emails that have elected to.
Please check the following:
- Make sure they are not going to your "Spam" or "Junk" folders. We have found this to be the case in some Yahoo & Gmail accounts.
- The email will come from "Horry County Wildlife Action" as the sender.
- Make sure we have your correct & current email address on our mailing list. You can email us to confirm this by emailing us at info@horrychapterwildlifeaction.org

A current copy of the newsletter is always available online, here at the website.
If you'd like to receive an electronic copy, please email info@horrychapterwildlifeaction.org. Include your full name and email address where you would like a copy emailed.
If you'd like to receive a copy via standard mail, please contact Brian Koller at 843-742-1169. Leave a message with your request for a paper copy with your name, address, & phone number.