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Range Clean Up/Maintenance Days         April 22, 2018 

                                                                      Nov 3, 2018

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Veterans Shooting Day               Nov 11, 2018 


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Special Events

      March 29 Th 2018 ,

HCWLA will present a native wild animal display at Carolina Bays School on Hwy 544 . Open to all faculty , children , and guests .We will have a variety of mounts , including deer , rattle snack , red fox and grey fox , skunk , alligator , and various other animal related items , such as skulls , antlers and shells . This class is to educate the young and old about our native wildlife . To look at but leave them alone , even a to close encounter with wasps can be deadly , so just look and leave alone . The class usually starts around 9 am and ends around 1 :30 pm , with about 300 or so going through the class , its set up as a round robin system . Thanks to all that help put this on from HCWLA and to all that come and see and ask questions . 
 Thank you to Carolina Bays School for letting us do this , Johnny Goebel .

Veterans 21 Gun Salute                July 26, 2018 


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Ladies Shooting Days                  April 29, 2018 

                                                       Oct 21, 2018

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